Sunday, 15 January 2017

Mona Darling Movie Trailer Review

Concept of social media thrillers is new to the film industry. In Hollywood we saw few social media thrillers like "Unfriended" and "Friend Request". On the similar concept Bollywood is making a film named "Mona Darling.From the trailer film seems to be creating curiosity and making some sense. Just like we saw in the movies "Unfriended" and "Friend Request" a girl gets killed and then her ghost actually kills other people which is somehow associated with the social media.It seems like a ghost of most probably a girl which died in an incident or probably kills herself due to some video being uploaded.This is actually something new to Bollywood film industry. Trailer of the film is not bad however isn't something expectional or out of the box.

However, I don't really see film having some sort of a journey as far as the film's trailer is concerned. It actually just describes a mercy killing and some mysterious interconnected events of killing someone with some form of association with the social media account.It could be predicted that the film will actually rely more on presentation part because the story doesn't seem to be making a lot of a progress in such kind of a thriller genre films. It is certainly will not a bad shot to give this film a watch.I personally will be looking forward to it with not so high expectations.

Verdict:- Not bad

Ratings:-3 / 5 Stars

Mona Darling Movie Official Trailer


  1. The trailer definitely seems interesting. Actually this is the truth among the youth, we are so much addicted to social media that we enjoy using it but do not know what can be the consequences. Hope that Mona Darling becomes an eye opener for everyone.

    1. Ya. It seems like it might be able to give a different perspective to social media related consequences.