Saturday, 21 January 2017

Jagga Jasoos Movie Trailer Review

"Jagga Jasoos" is a movie which seems to be giving a different direction to the the romantic adventure films. Ranbir Kapoor is actually a really great actor. He has played this role with so much of enthusiasm and energy that he is one of the few actors without whom this role could have never existed.The cinematography of the film seems to be spectacular. Anurag Basu is one of the well known directors who has actually established himself as a successful filmmaker.His films are more sensible, entertaining and the ones which could last in your head for a longtime."Jagga Jasoos" also gives some glimpse of "Barfi" which was a really nice movie he made in the past.

The music of the film seems to be really nice and engaging.It also seems like the movie will be covering a long journey. It seems like it has got a lot to cover as far as plot is concerned.One thing which is different about this movie's trailer is it doesn't really have any dialogues.Trailer doesn't seems to be disclosing much in terms of plot. It actually gives you a nice overview of the adventure which needs to be covered in the film. Anurag Basu has actually taken a long break after his last movie "Barfi. Pritam did a good job in terms of composing the music of the film.

The team which has been behind the working on this movie is actually pretty good.For example, Starcast which is Ranbir and Katrina.The location in which movie is actually being shot will also give edge over others. It shows the nice locations like north-east of India and Cape Town.


Ratings:- 3/ 5 Stars

Jagga Jasoos Movie Official Trailer


  1. Although Jagga Jasoos was not appreciated that much, I feel it is one of the most aggressive creation from the director. It takes a lot of courage to design and present such movie.

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