Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Batman Versus Superman:Dawn of Justice Movie Review

"Batman Versus Superman" is the one of the most awaiting movies of this year. Trailer of the film was released almost a year ago, this has created enormous curiosity among the audience before the release itself. It took a long time when the movie finally got released. I was super excited to see this film. This movie was supposed to be made in a legendary manner, which seems to be up to some extent but after sometime it felt unappealing and little boring. We have too many character in this movie, which is usually not the case with the superhero movies. It also creates some kind of a confusion because of excessive characters.It feels monotonous and more like a game rather than being realistic.

Ben Affleck is the one to watch, he played this role with some sort of sincerity. He is good and rest seems on the side lines in front of him. Just because of his sincere efforts he got another movie for Batman.Lex Luthor's character doesn't seems likely it felt boring and convoluted. Superman's character seems too serious, even though he played a superpower but he doesn't seem to be getting beyond a certain extent in terms to utilize his power in the movie.The fight between Batman Versus Superman could have been smarter. The plot could be much progressive and intellectual. 

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars

Batman Versus Superman:Dawn of Justice Movie Official Trailer

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