Thursday, 18 February 2016

Ghayal: Once Again Movie Review

Ghayal:Once Again is the long awaited sequel of the 1990 blockbuster " Ghayal" .It begins with a good note of glimpse of the previous movie then it's shows incredible and emerging city of India called Mumbai.For the big part film seems to be generic and not interesting or compelling. This is just because of the single reason that nothing extraordinary and out of the box is offered. The plot is pretty much like any other Bollywood movie with some high tech presentation.

One thing I like about this movie is it's far from ahead from boring and entirely unwatchable. It's rather a film which never gets far enough to be a great entertainerThere is scene in this movie where four kids are chased by a mafia. It is really long which makes it boring.While tending towards the end movie feels like ending up nowhere.I would say it started well but goes in a wrong direction somewhere close to interval and never comes back.

It seems like film might have had more content then it could have helped it to be a better entertainer.Because post interval you don't see much happening at all.What we see is just a drag of cat and mouse chase.

Verdict:- Average

Rating:- 2 / 5 Stars

Ghayal: Once Again Movie Official Trailer


  1. Ghayal..Once Again was a very nice movie. Hats up to Sunny Deol

  2. Nice Review... Trailer is very nice and engaging. I will surely watch this movie. Thanks for your efforts.