Saturday, 16 January 2016

Love Shhudha Movie Trailer Review

"Love Shhudha" is a romantic comedy which is about a girl and a boy and how they entangle with each other after one night stand. But, From the trailer it appears that the film doesn't have a good plot. For the most part this movie is just like any other youth centric film. To me it appears that this movie might not have much to offer interms of entertainment. It is also far beyond any of the larger than life story telling films."Love Shhudha" is releasing on Feb 5th 2016, which is close to Valentine's Day. So, It is clear that it is targeting youth as their viewers.

Just like only correct ingredients are not sufficient to make a delicious dish. In the same way just youth centric youth is not enough to make an entertaining film.However, Soundtrack of the film is nice. It has as many as 11 songs while some of them are written and sung by famous singers.Starcast of the movie also appears to be pretty average.This brings overall expectations from the film on far lower level. In my opinion "Love Shhuda" could be given a miss.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars

Love Shuddha Movie Official Trailer

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