Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Spectre Movie Review

"Spectre" is the newest James Bond film and it's the 24th installment in the James Bond film series. Daniel Craig has been playing agent 007 from last few films. He did a great job most of time. Last film "Skyfall" was pretty successful both crtically and commercially.This has obviously raised expectations from the "Spectre". However, This film might not be as good as it is expected to be. It's been shot very nicely. Cinematography is so amazing that it looks like taking tour of some other world. Even though it has all this goodness, plot wise film is little weak. We have a great villain yet probably not sophisticated enough to deal with.This is the main problem which makes watching this movie a little more on the dull side.

Plot actually trying to take from where it has left in "Skyfall.I personally missed Judi Dench in this film. Inspite of good acting and some cool shots this film looks like a blur.Usually we expect a story which takes multi unfolds up until the end.But, Film may not satisfy those needs for you.Fighting scenes are also incredible which makes the movie fun for some part.However, Plot remains generic and no so enjoyable. We feel like starving for more. "Spectre" is long movie but it does not cover much of content.Overall, The experience with the film remains so-so.

Verdict:- Above Average

Ratings:- 2. 5 / 5 Stars

Spectre Movie Official Trailer

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  1. I agree, I missed Judi Dench too
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