Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Hate Story 3 Movie Review

"Hate Story 3" is a film produced by Vikram Bhatt under the film franchise by the same name.This film franchise usually doesn't target family audiences. However, It has build a large number of fans who are interested in watching this kind of stuff. Usually, The ingredients of the film are full of bold sequences. I must say this time this film franchise has got a much better actors then the previous other versions of it. However, The plot remains to be some sort of ambiguous and not so entertaining stuff. For the most part I never found "Hate Story 3" to be entertaining and enjoyable.

Starting of the film was not all good. It makes you realize in the starting itself how boring this film could be? The twists in the movie are so many that you feel like watching movie "Race", which was another example of how preposterous and deceptive the twist are.? They have no relation to actual or real life. Big Industrials gets ups and down so quickly that by the time you will understand what's going on? Another twist has been thrown to you.This totally spoils enjoying any kind of emotions, which plays a vital role for any movie.

I would say previous part of this film franchise was much better than this one. By the time it reaches interval. You feel like it could have ended by now. The basic problem is film tries to add multi layer to the plot but it doesn't succeed in that and makes it a mess.Girls are used as a prop in here while the actors played a character who are always overconfident about what they are doing.Overall, This film could be given a miss and trust me it's better to avoid it.

Verdict:- Below Average

Ratings:- 1.5 / 5 Stars

Hate Story 3 Movie Official Trailer

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