Friday, 25 December 2015

Sanam Re Movie Trailer Review

"Sanam Re" is an upcoming Bollywood romance drama film starting Yami Gautam and Pulkit Samrat.Cinematography of the trailer looks fine but the overall trailer of the film isn't that great. Movie is mostly shot in auspicious locations of Ladakh, Shimla and Mumbai.The plot of the film isn't interesting enough which makes it a little hard enjoy. Also, We might have seen many movies like this which were based on childhood romance of a boy and a girl.In my opinion there isn't much added in this film to be an impressive romantic story. Yet, it has a beautiful starcast. Rishi Kapoor would be a playing a typical elder philosophical guy. Just a nice narrative of romantic films isn't that great to have.

Overall, Structure and flowchart of the film doesn't looks good from the trailer. Plot doesn't seems to be larger than life or a coverage of a journey. Urvashi Rautela who has been seen in few films in the past, would be playing a supporting actress in the film.Dialogues seems to be heartfully enjoyable and emotional.I personally think this movie might be a little modern version of the old traditional films.Title track "Sanam Re" is melodious and impressive in the voice of Arjit Singh. However,Just good songs aren't enough to make a good movie.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars

Sanam Re Movie Official Trailer

Bajirao Mastani Movie Review

Bajirao Mastani is an epic historical Bollywood drama, which is inspired from the real history based story.The dialogues of the film are logical, long and yet they consistently make sense.Sets of the film are Giants and nice looking, which makes it incredible. Sanjay Leela Bhanshali usually makes films with a big budget and larger than life story telling.Last time we saw the movie "Ram-Leela" which was also giant historical drama. This one is also somewhat similar experience with the same lead actors i.e. Ranveer and Deepika.While tending towards ending film becomes cumbersome and a little boring.Irfan Khan portraying the narrative sound nice and cool.

Post interval film gets a little fuzzy but yet the overall experience from it is nice.Performances of actors adds a favor to the film. Priyanka Chopra is magnificent in both her acting and her looks. Ranveer Singh does sound a little strange in here but as the time passes it gets more likely. Deepika Padukone is also not bad with her character who is obsessed with Bajirao, and wants him no matter he is already married.

This epic drama gives you a nice and positive feeling since inception but the feeling gets a little dilutes in half way. However, few good scenes like the final battle of Bajirao fighting alone with an army is a recovery of it.

Verdict:- Good

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars

Bajirao Mastani Movie Official Trailer

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Ghayal: Once Again Movie Trailer Review

"Ghayal" is one of the most successful films in the career of Sunny Deol. However, It feels like a little late to make a sequel after long time. There has been talk going on for the remake of this film for over a year.Finally trailer of the movie is out but it's not impressive at all.Movie is looking average for the most part.Apart from Sunny Deol there isn't a well known actor in the movie. However, Soha Ali Khan was supposed to play lead actress in the film but she is not shown much in the trailer of the movie.In the male dominating films like this one, girls usually doesn't have much to do.

Villian in this movie also seems to be weak. It happens in the most of the movies with weak villain that they are pretty boring and unentertaining. The action sequences looks less realistic and pretty generic.The best part of the trailer is a cool background music and of course Sunny Deol. Just like his usual movies Sunny Deol seems to be working hard for this film. This film is written and directed by Sunny Deol himself. He is also the lead actor in the film. 

I have noticed that most of Sunny's new film seems to be outdated as per the newer trend in the films.Because of the same fact his newer films might be appreciated by his older fans but not by the newer audiences."Ghayal: Once Again" is releasing on 15th Jan 2016.Film critics were also unable to appreciate his films because of the same reason.Overall, In my opinion this film would be considered as average entertainer.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars

Ghayal: Once Again Movie Official Trailer

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Movie Review

"The Hunger Games" is a film franchise based on the books by same name. This is the final part of the film franchise. The movie was supposedly giant and larger than life. In my opinion visual effects in this movie was awesome. The fighting and action sequences were closely shot and looks really beautiful.Yet, This tale doesn't really move much further and feels like hassling while trying to wrapping up the franchise.Most of the actors there were too many them makes it difficult to cover individualistically associated story. But, The film is not that boring it's just that you might not enjoy it that much.

Movie drags a lot due to lack of clarity in the plot.It seems like breaking the finale into two parts wasn't a good decision. It actually has caused some unavoidable side effects. Climax also seems to be stretchy and boring.Jennifer Lawrence is the saving grace of the movie. She gave a stunning performance which brings a new shine to the film. In spite of it's flaws this movie is watchable.However, This sci-fi action thriller drama remains to be a letdown for the level of expectations we had for this one.

Verdict:- Above Average

Ratings:- 2.5 / 5 Stars

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Movie Official Trailer

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Spectre Movie Review

"Spectre" is the newest James Bond film and it's the 24th installment in the James Bond film series. Daniel Craig has been playing agent 007 from last few films. He did a great job most of time. Last film "Skyfall" was pretty successful both crtically and commercially.This has obviously raised expectations from the "Spectre". However, This film might not be as good as it is expected to be. It's been shot very nicely. Cinematography is so amazing that it looks like taking tour of some other world. Even though it has all this goodness, plot wise film is little weak. We have a great villain yet probably not sophisticated enough to deal with.This is the main problem which makes watching this movie a little more on the dull side.

Plot actually trying to take from where it has left in "Skyfall.I personally missed Judi Dench in this film. Inspite of good acting and some cool shots this film looks like a blur.Usually we expect a story which takes multi unfolds up until the end.But, Film may not satisfy those needs for you.Fighting scenes are also incredible which makes the movie fun for some part.However, Plot remains generic and no so enjoyable. We feel like starving for more. "Spectre" is long movie but it does not cover much of content.Overall, The experience with the film remains so-so.

Verdict:- Above Average

Ratings:- 2. 5 / 5 Stars

Spectre Movie Official Trailer

Hate Story 3 Movie Review

"Hate Story 3" is a film produced by Vikram Bhatt under the film franchise by the same name.This film franchise usually doesn't target family audiences. However, It has build a large number of fans who are interested in watching this kind of stuff. Usually, The ingredients of the film are full of bold sequences. I must say this time this film franchise has got a much better actors then the previous other versions of it. However, The plot remains to be some sort of ambiguous and not so entertaining stuff. For the most part I never found "Hate Story 3" to be entertaining and enjoyable.

Starting of the film was not all good. It makes you realize in the starting itself how boring this film could be? The twists in the movie are so many that you feel like watching movie "Race", which was another example of how preposterous and deceptive the twist are.? They have no relation to actual or real life. Big Industrials gets ups and down so quickly that by the time you will understand what's going on? Another twist has been thrown to you.This totally spoils enjoying any kind of emotions, which plays a vital role for any movie.

I would say previous part of this film franchise was much better than this one. By the time it reaches interval. You feel like it could have ended by now. The basic problem is film tries to add multi layer to the plot but it doesn't succeed in that and makes it a mess.Girls are used as a prop in here while the actors played a character who are always overconfident about what they are doing.Overall, This film could be given a miss and trust me it's better to avoid it.

Verdict:- Below Average

Ratings:- 1.5 / 5 Stars

Hate Story 3 Movie Official Trailer

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Dilwale Movie Trailer Review

 Rohit Shetty has mostly made audience centric films. Most of his recent films were big box-office success including "Chennai Express". However, None of his his films were critically appreciable. Most of them were pretty generic and average watching experience. His upcoming film "Dilwale" has been on everyone's mouth not only because of comeback of Kajol but also famous onscreen couple Shahrukh Khan and Kajol will be seen together after a long time. Inspite of the big expectations and hype the film has got in the recent time. From the trailer it looks pretty average and boring.

Cinematography of the film looks nice and cool yet the plot is looking nothing more than average.Film's starcast is not just limited to Shahrukh and Kajol but it also has other good actors Varun Dhawan and Johnny Lever and Boman Irani. Film genre is family drama comedy entertainer which would make very little sense. Yet, Because of it's obvious publicity and strong starcast will definitely give this film a good box-office collection.For a mature audience this films has nothing special to offer.

Film could be considered as highly predictable. It will not be having suspense of any kind, which can make us a little curious.Bottom line is only good content can make the film a watchable and entertaining experience. It's not just about a high budget and exotic locations because this may look void.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars