Sunday, 4 October 2015

Taj Mahal Tea presents Vaishnav Jana To (Video Song)

Taj Mahal Tea brings to you Ustad Shujaat Khan's soulful Sitar & Vocal rendition of ‘Vaishnav Jana To’.This Gandhi Jayanti, sitar maestro Ustad Shujaat Khan pays tribute to Mahatma Gandhi's favorite bhajan ‘Vaishnav Jana To’, by blending the soothing sounds of his sitar & mellifluous voice.

The 3 min cover reminds one of Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of simplicity, his ideologies and experiments with truth. It was performed by the Ustad in the baithak space of the newly opened Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House in Mumbai.

Through the years, Taj Mahal Tea has associated itself with some of India’s finest and most celebrated classical musicians. The Taj Mahal Tea House Sessions builds on this connection, by offering people a physical space to experience the magic that ensues when a perfect cup of tea meets an exquisite piece of music.Watch this inspirational sitar rendition of Bapu’s favorite bhajan

Taj Mahal Tea presents Vaishnav Jana To 

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