Saturday, 24 October 2015

Shaandar Movie Review

"Shaandaar" is a good example of how films with good budget would be made when you are running out of the ideas.Within 15 minutes you can understand that film would a collection of just few cheesy lines with a not so interesting plot. In terms of story we hardly see anything.Little bit of interest is being created through characters but the plot is just a drag. This is a common situation for most of Indian comedy films that the plot line is thin.For my it was really hard to tolerate such a preposterous plotless movie, which has a decent star-cast, nice costume design and good cinematography.

 In the second half it's an unnecessarily stretched love story.Movie focuses more on the technological aspects rather than focusing on the entertainment part.Sense of humor used in "Shaandaar" is mostly for low IQ people only.Most of the songs also seems to be not necessary. They are played probably to keep our interest but it makes it worse for a movie like this which goes nowhere.Most of the actors have done a good job. This could be one of the saving grace for the film. But that doesn't help much.

Alia Bhatt looks like nice and cute while Shahid tries to make her acting look more natural and comic. Pankaj Kapoor doesn't get much chance still he gives his best for his part,. In my opinion "Dharma Production" is not making quality films nowadays.In the last few film there has been a kind of disappoint from this Production house. Karan Johar is getting more into producing films rather than actually directing them. This is actually little sad.

Imagination used in the film is generic and less realistic.Most of the events leads to a circumlocution of the plot.Overall, "Shaandaar" which was supposed to be a family entertainer turns out be a not so entertaining film.


Ratings:- 2/ 5 Stars

Shaandaar Movie Official Trailer

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