Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Truth Behind Capitalism :Documentary

The Truth Behind Capitalism is the first full documentary in the TTBP series. The documentary critiques capitalism and its flaws. In just 30 minutes, it covers the history of the central banking system, the Eurozone, the Occupy Movement, the increasing number of coalitions and demonstrations taking place worldwide, recent events in Iceland and in Greece, and asks the audience one main question:

Was Karl Marx right? Is capitalism on the verge of collapse and a new community-based 'people and planet before profit' social system already coming to fruition in its wake? The media material presented in this production is protected internationally by the FAIR USE CLAUSE of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, which allows for the rebroadcast of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary, criticism, and education, and by international FAIR DEALING LAWS, which allow for the rebroadcast of copyrighted materials for non-commercial research or study, criticism or review, or for the reporting of current events.

The Truth Behind Capitalism :Documentary

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