Saturday, 19 September 2015

Katti Batti Movie Review

Beginning of the movie is not so interesting and highly predictable. What's seen in the trailer might not be available in similar manner in the movie.Reason the starting is not that good is because a dramatic love story turns out to be sad and less sensible."Katti Batti" might have given a better perception from promos  but that just remains as an expectation. However, The movie remains extremely boring and stretchy.

 I became a big fan of Nikhil Advani as some of the films in the recent time were really good.He has been good in picking nice variety of topics. For example he has made movie like Delhi Safari which was animated movie and then  after sometime he made D-Day which was based on sensitive issues. So far he was going on the track and his work was appreciated at critics and audiences level.However something has changed in his last two films. They were both really not impressive and entertaining as it was expected to be.Hero which came last week and Katti Batti which came this week. Both the movies were strictly average.

There is a trend in the youth based comical romantic drama in Bollywood movies that most of them sounds interested by promos but they turn out to be average affair as they arrive at theaters.Something similar happens with Katti Batti.Some moments in Katti Batti doesn't even deserve to be in movies. It's like watching an average TV serial. One appreciable thing here is the getup of the actors. Both Kagana and Imran looks really nice for the most part.At least we have a climax twist in the movie which makes it little better.But the overall experience still remains average.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars

Katti Batti Movie Official Trailer

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  1. Never thought Katti Batti have this kind of slow and crap plot and screenplay .. Still thinking how kangana ranaut done movie like this.

    It's nice to read your blog post Also check my blog too Tamasha