Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Minions Movie Review

The Minions (PG)

Length:- 91 min.

"The Minions" is a movie about exciting little naughty creatures who speaks an unidentifiable language.But they cute and generous. Minions are actually trying to find a master whom they can follow because they have no purpose without him.This movie looks like a prequel to " Despicable Me".

Even after hunting for along time Minions cannot find a master who can be with them for long time. They finally ended attending Villian Con event where  they find Scarlet. Scarlet is a real bad ass girl voiced by Sandra Bullock.The movie has some nice comical shots and sequences but the actual plot is a real drag. You may never see anything that can leave a long lasting impression.

The dialogues mostly said by Minions are hard to understand. Yet you may not real bored by the sense of humor. However after a while it gets repetitive and boring.For the most part this movie belongs to kids. The adults may not have much to enjoy here.

Verdict:- Above Average

Ratings:- 2.5 / 5 Stars

The Minions Movie Official Trailer

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