Sunday, 28 June 2015

Inside Out Movie Review

Inside Out (PG)

Length:- 1 hr 42 min.

Unlike the usual films "Inside Out" has some interesting stuff and concept. Every human has all sorts of elements whether it's joy, fear, anger and sadness inside their mind. They might be overdrawn by some or the other feeling. "Inside Out" is a story of a girl overwhelmed by her feelings to execute an action. For the most part it was an interesting journey to what happens inside her mind. The true message of the movie says life is not just about joy. It could be sad as well sometimes which isn't harmful. Even though it's an animated movie but still it's touching for all sorts of people.

Joy always bring happiness in our life while fear tries to control and avoid the possible kind of risks. Disney and Pixar are one of the finest animation film producers in the world. They makes movies which do make a difference. They makes films whose content is originally amazing. They usually come up  with creative and fascinating ideas. They are ones who set have set a trend of coming up with nice movies every Thanksgiving.

In some of the film including and especially in animated movies they show a short act which was a nice idea. However, I didn't find that idea working in this movie. There was a message in the beginning of the movie by the filmmaker which actually works here.The thought process shown inside human mind is engrossing , entertaining and fun to watch. Overall, Watching "Inside Out" is a really nice humorous experience.

Verdict:- Nice
Ratings:- 3. 5 / 5 Stars
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  1. Pixar finally broke out of the Pixar mold. Toy Story, Monsters, Bugs LIfe, Cars, etc, were feeling like the same basic story just with a different looking set of characters. Inside Out still has some of the classic Pixar moves, but they added some nice original moves to make this feel like something new.

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    1. Yes. Absolutely this one has some really interesting idea to show us.