Sunday, 21 June 2015

Any Body Can Dance 2 Movie Review

Any Body Can Dance 2 (U)

Length:- 2 hrs. 27 min.

"Any Body Can Dance 2" is a sequel to the dance film by the same name which came few years ago.The previous part had some spark with somewhat ok kind of a story-line but this time there isn't much. We just have some dance numbers wrapped up with an unconvincing plot.I personally felt very bored watching this dance saga which is more sort of a stage show rather than being a film. Even the emotions, patriotism and the undying spirit to dance cannot create a magic.What made last movie a success was the India's first dance movie, which audience found something new to see in the movies. However in the previous part itself we saw a lot of dragging moments. Here, in this film we call dance as worship but for a movie like this. I felt these kind of dialogues are heavily drawn by emotions, which is a little unnecessary.

I felt like the budget of the movie was also too high in terms of the star cast and it's potential for being a success. Usually, Bollywood movies are set on a budget that can be easily recovered in the weekend nowadays if it's a giant success.But this one doesn't have very old actors of the Industry. Varun Dhawan and Ekta Kapoor are still considered as new youthful addition to Bollywood. No doubt Varun Dhawan did a good job in the movie.However he was lenient in the emotional scenes. I must say the overall expectations from this far higher than what it delivers.

Apart from dance I didn't see this movie going anywhere. Last time we had some involvement of Lauren Gottlieb as the plot makes progress but this time we hardly see anything for her to do in the film. We have a team of dancers Suresh (Varun Dhawan) and others who are called cheaters because they copied the choreography in a competition .Afterwards they try to take help from Vishnu (Prabhudeva) to  help them with an original choreography. Does that sounds an inspiration form Step Up -4? I feel like it was copied for some part as well.Overall, "ABCD 2" is a film that lacks creativity.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 /5 Stars

Any Body Can Dance 2 Movie Official Trailer

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