Sunday, 31 May 2015

Welcome to Karachi Movie Review

Welcome to Karachi (U/A)

Length:- 2 hrs. 10 min.

Jacky Baghnani is one of the few actor in Bollywood who works only for the home production.Every year a film is being for him which is either dump , boring or really low on entertainment. Probably the topic on which the film is made could be slightly different than the previous one yet we never see something interesting.Most of his films never really a potential of being a big box office success. Certainly most of his films have done average business even though their released dates were wise chosen. In my opinion if Jacky Bhagnani wants to be successful in Bollywood , he must start with side roles in a good films then eventually he can do the solo role for few years in Bollywood.

"Welcome to Karachi" is about two boys who somehow ends in Karachi while they want to go to America. They do all kind of stupid activities in the film and never come up with something that actually makes some sense. This film is so dump and tiring to watch that you may want to run out of the theater. As it proceeds it becomes harder and harder to tolerate this nonsense and preposterous film.There is much of a comedy which can be appreciated.There is barely anything in terms of plot. You feel like where is this movie going? 

This movie such a drag and becomes a pain in the neck. Female actors have almost nothing to do in the movie.It is expected to be Bollywood's "Dumb and Dumber" but it's no where close to the same because the comedy is not comic and the dialogues are easily forgettable.The only good thing I found in "Welcome to Karachi" is the end was good but apart from that it's a low IQ movie. Overall, I would suggest that this movie not to watch this movie.

Verdict:- Below Average

Ratings:- 1.5 / 5 Stars

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  1. Happy to read this review! I was thinking of watching it, now I won't waste my time! Thanks for sharing! Cheers - Archana -

    1. Sure No Problem. I am Happy that you decide it after reading my review