Tuesday, 5 May 2015

True Story Movie Review

True Story (R)

Length:- 1 hr. 40 min.

"True Story" as clear from the title itself is based on a real story. It's    about the identity theft of a journalist. In my opinion this movie does not have a too much to show in terms of plot. So, Once everything gets  settled, we donot see much going on here. The film gets more and more boring. We feel like way too much bored. Even though the length of the movie is just 100 minutes but still it feels like way to long. So, A guy gets fired because of what he wrote at NY Times.

There is always a chance of becoming an issue because of what you write. It may hurt someone's sentiments emotions or even it could be hurting to a entire community or race.Finally after getting fired from NY Times Finkel(Jonah Hill) meets the guy named Christian Longo (James Franco) who stole his identity. After netting him few times he realizes that even though both the guys are from an entirely different background they still have a lot in common.This makes him writing a book on the same thing by talking to this guy in jail again and again.

Finally there is a difference which is shown in the last of the film. This is the difference that divides mankind not just these two people. I would suggest you not to watch this film because you may find it utterly boring and slow in pace for the most part. I was really disappointed from this movie.The expectations were really and from the trailer it created an impression that it's gonna be a really good one. But finally the product turns out be an average affair. 

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 /5 Stars

True Story Movie Official Trailer

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