Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tomorrowland Movie Review

Tomorrowland (PG)

Length:- 2 hr. 10 min.

"Tomorrowland" is a movie about futuristic world although we might have seen many films like this in the recent decade. So, You may feel like it's a little stereotyped but we have few different things here like we have a death probability detector. There is a device designed by a genius played by George Clooney.I felt in the initial half an hour itself that this film is a little boring. It doesn't have much of an exciting plot. How much can you rely on the special effects to have an entertaining experience?

Even the futuristic world looks kind of hollow and a little unrealistic while the movie tends towards the end.A boy travels to the futuristic world named Tomorrowland in 1964 but now he is thrown out because of some conflicting issues.New teenager girl is offered the same chance but needs the help of the same boy who is 41 now. The problem is the world is collapsing now while the girl brings hope by her optimistic attitude. The question is can she really save the world ?

In my opinion the movie is good for the teenagers because there is not much for the adults to enjoy.We have seen so many world's in Hollywood just like Tomorrowland. Walt Disney is certainly known for their creative work but they are unable to deliver anything remarkable here.In total this movie is a mess of clumsy plot and an unexciting futuristic world which is as forgettable as a good weekend.

Verdict:- Above Average
Ratings:- 2.5 /5 Stars

Tomorrowland Movie Official Trailer