Saturday, 16 May 2015

Mad Max:Fury Road Movie Review

Mad Max:Fury Road (A)

Length:- 2 hr.

"Mad Max:Fury Road" is a reboot of the film series by the same name. It' set in the world of madness and crazy attitude. It goes really slow in the initial 20 min but picks up afterwards. the film may be not be a fascinating experience but it's actually something different that we may see usually in the cinema today. We have a world where people eat anything and everything like insect and even the poisonous creatures. I was too impressed by Tom Hardy's character, it seems to be written even though it was the main character.

It's Charlize Theron who ultimately takes you to a new level of action journey.This world with less resources may not look like blizzard yet nicely shot action scenes will give you some good time.Plotwise there isn't much but still it manages it really well in it's execution. Presentation makes this movie more enjoyable than it's actually is.Something the movie looks like a bit cartoonist than realistic.The action scenes are the best part of the films."Mad Max" may redefine the action and/ or sequences execution.As the action is raw and far more fast and interestingly shot. I must admit that there are a lot of moments in the film which makes bring you a death to boredom. 

You may also have thought like What's that? and What going on?.Still the overall experience of watching "Mad Max" remains positive.In my opinion the films nowadays have emphasis on the character or plot development. They mostly focus on how to make things feel like larger than life or giving an amazingly good stunts. This makes movie better from the perspective of making money but it may never be thought provoking or a satisfying experience.

Verdict:- Good

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars

Mad Max:Fury Road Movie Official Trailer

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