Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Child 44 Movie Review

Child 44
Length:- 2 hrs. 17 min.
"Child 44" is a drama about brutality against young teen kids. It takes us to the journey of mystery in which teen kids are abductees which are raped and killed by an unknown person.The movie has too much to show but it never explores it true potential.It dragging for the most part because the connection among the events is not proper. So, a lot of times you feel like what is going on here? What does it has to do with the plot?

 For the majority of the events we don't get any answer. It just feels so exhausting to watch this movie.Honestly, After a while it was a little hard for me to understand what exactly is going on here. The film becomes a convoluted mix and match of a thriller drama with a political elements. Tom Hardy is good in part but he could not save the film by being a big disappointment.Even the Russian accent replica created by Tom Hardy is not helpful in creating our interest in the film.

Overall, It remains a boring, disappointing and hard to tolerate kind of film. This film is also based on a novel by the same name. I haven't read the novel so cannot comment anything on that. But, I have seen this Hollywood is making more and more movies based on the novel. In the recent few years the movies are highly unsuccessful in creating anything significant in terms of entertainment.


Verdict:- Average
Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars
Child 44 Movie Official Trailer

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