Sunday, 19 April 2015

Unfriended Movie Review

Unfriended (R)

Length:- 82 Minutes 

"Unfriended" is a thriller film which is shot in a different way. It does have much of an horrifying effects yet it keeps you the edges. It about five friends who just connect online via Skype and they are haunted by an online ghost which is somehow added into their chat list every time. Initially people think it's some kind of a hacker who is doing this stuff but later they came to know it's one of their friend Laura Barnes who committed suicide because of an offensive video made by one of her  friend.So, Now She is search of the person who create the video and posted online on YouTube.I must say that this film offers something new. It's target audience is of course young, tech savy and probably people who enjoy and/ or addicted to new technology. Older people may not find it that interesting and entertaining.

Internet has changed our world in the past decade now we meet people online, send them messages via chat engines , connect via social media and video chat via Skype. "Unfriended" takes a realistic approach to show the online behavior. We just see one person's Macbook screen and how she is doing online what she is doing? We see the screen blur sometimes which happens usually while there are some short time connectivity issues.Even in the starting itself it shows the Universal Pictures logo with a little streaming kind of a issue from that time itself.I was curious to know whether it's actually happening at the theater I am watching or was it intentionally kept in the movie.I personally think it was intentionally done to make it more realistic.

In my opinion this movie is one of it's kind and in today's generation this kind of movies are actually pretty much loved. The current and the upcoming generation are becoming more and more tech-savy and the usage of internet is kind of an absolute necessity to them.So, that what "Unfriended" shows. The message which film wants to convey is how people want to make fun of someone and rein their life. People commit suicide often because they are abused, made fun of by numerous people around the globe online. This makes their life horrible to live after."Unfriended" is actually a revenge drama of a girl who commits suicide for the same reason.

"Unfriended" is not a  a bad movie to watch for. It gives us a decent time pass. We never feel like getting bored just by watching someone's laptop screen for the whole movie.Overall, It's movie which is worth watching for one time decent fun.

Verdict:- Good

Ratings:-  3 / 5 Stars

Unfriended Movie Official Trailer

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