Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Piku Movie Trailer Review

"Piku" is an upcoming movie by Shootjit Sircar who earlier directed films like "Vicky Donor" and "Madras Cafe". Both of his films were a piece of good work and well appreciated by critics and audience. His films had something different for the general niche audience.I must say that Bollywood is getting some better quality of films nowadays although the exceptions do exist.In the recent few years Bollywood has got better in terms of choosing topics, presenting them and content wise as well. Hollywood still is far ahead of Bollywood in terms of high technology usage, larger than life story telling and presenting unbelievable topics in realistic manner.

"Piku" would be a good example of how a film with genre or documentary kind of a genre could be entertaining and engaging watch.Although we live in such a world where these kind of genres are not so common in trend. Juhi Chaturvedi who has written both "Vicky Donor" and "Madras Cafe" for the director Shootjit Sircar expected to come up with something fascinating with this new comedy drama film."Piku" is supposed to be released on May 8th 2015. Amitabh Bachchan will be playing a character with little similarities with what he played in "Paa".This times he has some problems related to constipation.

Irfan Khan who is known for his acting skills, will be playing a boy romancing with Deepika Padukone.Deepika is Bengali girl whose father has some problems related to his mental age and digestion far as the plot of the film is concerned there would be an execution of day to day events.It may not be a presentation of extraordinary idea rather it would be a simplistic execution of normal situations or circumstances a common man lives like.

Verdict:- Good

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars

Piku Movie Official Trailer

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  1. Shootjit Sircar then no dought that the movie is gone rock i have seen both movies vicky donor and Madras cafe directed by Shootjit Sircar.
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