Sunday, 19 April 2015

Phir Se Movie Trailer Review

Kunal Kohli has been into film-making from sometime but still in my opinion other than "Hum Tum" he has not made any good films. Most of his movies very pretty boring and repetitive. He is making his acting debut by the movie "Phir Se". I think it's a little bit late to make a acting debut as a lead actor in mid 40's unless and until script has something strong, which does n't seems the case with "Phir Se". The movie is looking almost soulless. It seems that the film is shot mostly in aboard and auspicious locations. Personally I feel just good locations cannot a good film just like having all the ingredients in not enough to make a delicious dish.

The tagline of the movie "I am not 40, I am 18 with 22 years experience" makes nonsense at all.The real age cannot be hided by experience.The story line of the film feels almost like a blur.Content could be a problem for this film. It doesn't look like the movie has much to offer.The movie trailer was released more than 2 weeks back and it is about to touch 4 lakh mark on YouTube. I must say as per the views of the film, it doesn't looks like people are interested in watching this film."Phir Se" is considered to be a romantic film which is favorite genre for Kunal Kohli. In my opinion this  genre is not gonna help the film.

From the trailer it seems that the story of the film is messed up and it's not clear and concise. It may also have a weak and a generic executive. There isn't much of  a thought process involved in the movie. For the most part it looks a movie made somewhere in 80's with the locations of current time."Phir Se" is supposed to be released on 8th May 2015.The movie is mostly shot in London while Jennifer Widget who had mostly played roles in TV Serials and small movies will be playing lead role opposite to Kunal Kohli.

Verdict:- Below Average

Ratings:- 1.5 / 5 Stars

Phir Se Movie Official Trailer 

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