Saturday, 18 April 2015

Ex Machina Movie Review

Ex Machina (R)

Length:- 1 hr. 50 min.

"Ex Machina" is sci-fi film which has an interesting plot. "Ex Machina" has just about three to four characters and it just so focused towards it's story that you will be really curious while watching this.Caleb (Domhall Gleeson) wins a special competition in which he is offer a week trip to a place designed by his employer Nathan (Oscar Isaac). I must say Oscar Isaac is way to good in this movie, he plays his character with natural confidence and brings the charm to the movie. 

The thrilling experience and the suspense won't be the same if Nathan's character was a little under played. The target audience for these kind of films is usually mature and adult ones who may enjoy some harsh reality instead of the happy ending stories.Nathan is genius billionaire playboy who never wants to focus too much onto emotions in his life,he is more concerned of how to make his artificial intelligence better. So, he uses anything and everything required for such invention. It can be brutal, harsh  reality but certainly more professional and intellectual.

"Ex Machina" has a serious genre yet it tries to give you some comical moments as well.The background music suits the genre and make it more intense and dark.The cinematography is nice and the visuals are spectacular. The movie takes you to a journey to a new world where at one point of time your mind may be occupied by Artificial Intelligence. This is one of  the most original and creative movie of this year.From the trailer I thought that it could similar to some of already seen stuff associated with Artificial Intelligence but it's certainly not. The small world feels like real dark, intense and fascinating in the film.

Verdict:- Nice

Ratings:- 3.5 / 5 Stars

Ex Machina Movie Official Trailer

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