Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Still Alice Movie Review

Still Alice(R)

Length:- 101 min.

Still Alice is a movie with rare cinema. usually we see films based the success story of a common who somehow turns the impossible into something achievable. We might see the ups and down in his/her life but at last he/she will be successful. Still Alice is not about that.It's based on a story of a women who is suffering from a disease which will certainly leave her to down fall. She keeps forgetting the day to day things.How does her family react about it? She is Professor, Can she deliver the lecture she might stop in between. How does her university feel about it? Do they allow her to continue teaching?

"Still Alice" is a very natural and simplistic play. The entertainment is squeezed out from the daily routine activities.Richard Glatzer who has directed this movie has passed away few hours before writing this article. He has made this movie in a different way. It 's more or less everybody events execution of Alice played by Julianne Moore. Juliane Moore played her character in realistic, believable and natural performance.She has received an Oscar for best actress for "Still Alice".

Even though "Still Alice" has an Oscar sometime it gets a little odd. I mean how long you can watch the down fall of someone who keeps of forgetting small little things. You may feel like we need something more here. It's not sufficient what we got here.Although it's best on the novel by Lisa Genova by the same which obviously needs to be followed for the plot. Yet some exploration is never bad or unaccepted. Overall, the film is good but it could have been little better than what it is.

Verdict:- Good

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars

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  1. Heard a lot about this film especially about Julianne Moore's performance. Thanks for the review. Will definitely find time to watch it:).

    1. Yes Julianne Moore is the one whose performance makes this film very watchable. Sure no prob. I am sure you do.