Saturday, 7 March 2015

NH 10 Movie Trailer Review

"NH 10" is a Bollywood upcoming thriller from Phantom films Productions which is owned by Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motane. Most of the films produced under Phantom films were really good ones. As it happens if we see some good movies by a writer, director or even a film production company, our expectations are definitely increased. Something similar is happening with "NH 10" obviously the expectations are higher.As it is clear from the name itself the film has sometime to do with the highway. NH 10 which is Highway no. 10 something terrible happens there. Cities usually have kind of hollowness or emptiness within i.e. something weird may gonna happen.This film might throw some light on that part.

We don't have a big star-cast for "NH 10".Perhaps Anushka Sharma is the only good actress in "NH 10". Neil Bhoopalam will be playing a lead role along with Anushka. So, Neil and Anuskha who will be playing Arjun and Meera respectively goes on a holiday trip to a desert.That's where something terrible happens.The background is looking really good as it is enhancer in creating some kind of tension required for the genre.The tension build up which is a decent couple got stuck with gangster mafia villains seems to be properly conveyed.

The plot is also looking multilayered instead of single layered empty and hallow drama with less content and a great idea.Movie is surely expected to get an adult certificate because of abusive language and the required violence for this kind of films. Performance wise something nice is expected from Ansukha Sharma who is also co-producing the film with many others.In the film Arjun tries to help a girl which in process of abduction by a gang of boys. That's where it gets messy between couple and the gang. Police is also unable to help the couple.

It can be predicted that there is some background story behind abduction of the girl and the guys may have some connection with powerful people that's why police is unable to help. "NH 10" is finally releasing on 13th March 2015. In my opinion it can be given a shot. 

Verdict:- Good

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars

NH 10 Movie Official Trailer

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