Saturday, 14 March 2015

Mr. X Movie Trailer Review

In the recent few years Vikram Bhatt has mostly made films on thriller and horror genre. Most of these films have had their focus on something strange or unique which is they were inspired by things like Brahmarakshasa and many other supernatural powers.Mostly his films were not so much appreciated by the critics but a particular set of audience are fan of his movies. His fans are curious about his unique style of film making. "Mr. X" which is his upcoming movies with Emraan Hashmi as a lead actor, who is know for his on screen kissing scene.I must say that the film's trailer doesn't look good. It may be kind of ok for some audiences. But honestly what I feel is the concept of Hollow Man  doesn't seems to be nice.

"Mr. X" is inspired from H G Wells novel, "The Invisible Man". There was a film made on the same novel in Hollywood named "Hollow Man". "Hollow Man" was commercially success in US but it wasn't much appreciated by the critics."Mr. X" is made in Bollywood after a big gap of one and half decade which can also be a deciding factor for the film's success.In my opinion to make a film after this long time may not be a good decision.Also, the trailer appearance doesn't  sound interesting at the first glance. Arunoday Singh will be played a negative character is the film but he is not at all visible in the film's trailer , which is a bit surprising.

Other than the unique concept of "Mr. X" which is hollow or invisible man, the film is looks like a blur. That's not a good news for the audience and the filmmaker because if the film's trailer is not so good then the publicity or marketing of the movie will not be that good.This may finally hamper the box-office collection of the film.I personally feel that Emraan Hashmi is not doing unique or fascinating kind of film. He is involved in just an ok kind of films in his career for the most part. In my recommendation he try and utilize his acting career experience in some wonderful or self relying script.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars

Mr. X Movie Official Trailer

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