Tuesday, 3 March 2015

McFarland Movie Review


Length:- 2 hrs. 9 min.

“McFarland” is a sports drama based on a true story.  It concentrates on a life of a football coach Jim White who often struggles in disciplining the boys and loses the job. Finally, he ends up at McFarland High School with his last hope and believe of fighting no more. Kevin Costner is the soul reason to watch this film. Apart from him most of the faces are lesser known. This film is all about the guy who sees some talent in the boys of McFarland, which is running. They can run forever at a higher speed than normal human being. What I found was the film that doesn’t show much of struggle by Jim White. As far the true story is concern, the actual struggle of searching and understanding the talent of these boys doesn’t take much of time. 

As per the actual story it took the coach seven long years. It might have been frustrating for him for these many years but the movie it happens in no time. Afterwards as well the training isn’t much rigorous, the way it is expected to be.  Jim White trains the boys in good ways but in the realistic drama it is far more tuff in the training period. What’s enjoy is the collaboration of Spanish and English culture. Respecting the way people and appreciating the job they do. This bondage makes film enjoyable and entertaining.

Jim White tries to understand the social life of his Spanish students. How they are struggling their social life as far the money and survival is concerned. He even saves one of his best student from suicide. He makes them understand that running is the only thing they can do best. So, just give it the best shot. In the ending credentials it’s being shown that the teams trained by Jim White has won as many as nine championships. White got so attached to MacFarland that he lives in McFarland today as well. It looks like he has made a significant change in the lifestyle of McFarland.

“MacFarland” movie is a tribute to the place McFarland, for peoples of McFarland and for the running spirit of McFarland. It’s a movie which can give a good time with your family. 

Verdict:- Good

Ratings:- 3 /5 Stars

McFarland Movie Official Trailer

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