Saturday, 7 March 2015

Dirty Politics Movie Review

Dirty Politics

Length:- 2 hrs. 13 min

"Dirty Politics" is a political drama movie which is really boring and dull.I must say that this film has a long list of star-cast and most of them are aged actors. For the most part this film looks more or less like a b-grade movie.Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from this movie.So, it's not really a big disappointment.But how long you can watch a movie which may make little or no sense at all.We don't have a well structured plot and the film makes a move in no direction. I was thinking about one thing, what does the filmmaker wants to show us and what exactly is dirty politics?

Mallika Sherawat who is making a comeback by this film. Trust me there won't be much of an improvement in her career graph by this film. We have a bed scene between Om Puri and Mallika Sherawat which not looks unappealing but the pair itself looks like a perfect mismatch. We have dirty politics as the title but the politics here is pretty straight forward. There is no sophistication or mind games. What's present here is just not good enough to engage or entertain you.

I think the film also makes you feel that it's suitable for elder generation. We don't have any debate or unanswered questions or topic in this political drama.Few bunch of experienced actors and some nudity may not make a good film. It's creativity which makes a quality cinema.There isn't much which is wrong in terms of film-making but what's wrong the plot(theme) or the idea behind which is not extraordinary or thought provoking.I would suggest not to watch this film and waste your time.

Verdict:- Pretty Boring

Ratings:- 0.5 / 5 Stars

Dirty Politics Movie Official Trailer

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