Monday, 9 March 2015

Chappie Movie Review


Length:- 2 hrs.

“Chappie” is a sci-fi movie which is set in near future at Johannesburg, South Africa. IT shows an age where programmed robots are acting as a cop and helping the police. Deon Wilson (Dev Patel) is a scientist who wants to make a robot with human consciousness. It becomes successful as well but just after inventing the human consciousness he is abducted by few street guys. Street boys’ wants to control the robots and make some money while an Australian scientist Vincent (Hugh Jackman) wants his machines to work instead of Deon’s. All of this may not sound something unique or interesting because we have seen a lot of films like thing.

 The plot is not good enough for sci-fi movies of this era. It looks the concept of robots and artificial intelligence is not that new. We may have this in many of the movies in the past. “I,Robot” was a movie which came almost a decade back it has a much nicer sci-fi plot. What we see in “Chappie” is just a small part of “I,Robot”. Once “Chappie” is told by his maker that never involve in bad activities but still “Chappie” starts stealing cars from innocent people. How even a conscious Robot can have two different thought. Just by being convinced. Neil Blomkamp who earlier directed promising “District 9” is ok kind of movie “Elysium”, this time he disappointed us with “Chappie”.

Neil’s interest lies mostly in the sci-fi movies as his last three movies are sci-fi films. With “Chappie” it looks that he is actually running out of a unique ideas to deliver a nice, creative and quality cinema. From the trailer itself it was much clear that “Chappie” would be an average film. “Chappie” is inspired from a short film named “Terta Vaal”.”Tera Vaal” is very short documentary film made almost a decade back by Neil Blomkamp himself. The idea behind the movie could have been more effective if some advancement in the plot could have been made.

Verdict: - Average

Ratings: - 2 / 5 Stars

Chappie Movie Official Trailer


  1. Thanks for the review:).Sad to know its only average:(. Will have to watch it myself to agree/disagree with you:).

    1. Sure no prob :).Watch it and let me know it's okay if you have different opinion

  2. Hugh Jackman’s performance was perhaps the most shocking part of the film. His character was a little underdeveloped.

    1. Yes Thomas Hugh Jackman's character was huge disappointment