Sunday, 8 February 2015

Wild Card Movie Review

Wild Card (A)

Length:- 92 Minutes


Jason Statham has his own set of viewers,they are usually individualistic, loners and action film lovers." Wild Card" is another product for these guys.This one has a cool start with a nice cinematography. Jason Statham's looks are much appreciated here.But even this shorter film is not so lovable, sometimes it's because of the pace. It's short movie of 92 minutes which doesn't have much ingredients to entertain you for this amount of time."Wild Card" is also one man show, which is ofcourse Jason Statham.

 If you saw the trailer you may be able to predict it for the most part.Simon West who earlier directed " The Expendable 2" doesn't offer us the twist and turns required for this kind of movies.There isn't much which I found wrong here in terms of film-making rather it's lacking the sophisticated intelligence required here.It actually pursued in a bit pseudo intellectual way; which is not highly appreciable." Wild Card" ends in a kind of absurd way; which was totally unexpected.

The main actor Statham also looks monotonous after a while because of the loosely written script.The drama is exhausting to watch and a bit less curious to watch for.Director also tries to leave a mark by a scene in Casino at Vegas. But that scene finally ends up in creating more confusion in a thin line plot movie.Fighting sequences are shown in a bit classy way. Still they looks a bit generic after a while.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:-  2 / 5 Stars

Wild Card Movie Official Trailer

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