Monday, 9 February 2015

The Boy Next Door Movie Review

The Boy Next Door (R)

Length:- 91 Minutes

"The Boy Next Door" is an erotic thriller, as the title is self explanatory it's a movie about a boy living next door.What's different here is the girl is much older than the boy.The most exciting part of the film is that Jennifer Lopez is playing the female lead.Movie doesn't have an exciting starting it just seems like the movie is shot somewhat similar to a TV Series genre.

Claire (Jennifer Lopez) after having one night stand with Noah (John Corbett) gets really upset and thinks what she had done is wrong.The movie doesn't have much to entertain, it is pretty much similar to other movies of the same genre. The film isn't long but for a good movie the duration doesn't matter.For this film it's too long even for 91 minutes.

The budget of " The Boy Next Door" is just $4 million which is much less than an average Hollywood movie.The plot is slow and predictable with generic ingredients.The budget could not have been a concern if the film could have had comprehensive story-line.The only thing which makes the story moving  is the psycho guy Noah, otherwise there is hardly any momentum in the movie.

Like every other Psycho character there are some unfolding in the character's story.Jennifer Lopez does tries to bring some charm by making some acting efforts but she is unable to leave a mark.Overall, " The Boy Next Door" is just a below average movie which lacks genuine creativity. Also, it does not have a strong script.

Verdict:- Below Average

Ratings:- 1.5 /5 Stars

The Boy Next Door Movie Official Trailer

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