Monday, 2 February 2015

Taken 3 Movie Review

Taken 3 (PG-13)

Length:-1 hr. 49 min.

Taken 3 has a slow and cold start. For a movie like this it's expected to have kick-ass beginning including and especially because of the fact it's third and last installment.It looks like film is trying to have a reboot by the third installment which is not a kind of great idea. It is expected to have a hardcore starting."Taken 3" has a weak execution and lacks curious plot twist.The plot is so simplistic that the story seems to be convoluted.

It is so disappointing that after delivering two good parts; ""Taken 3" comes ends it in a absurd way. Almost the whole movie is based upon a cat and mouse chase."Taken 3" reminded of " Die Hard 5" because after a nice previous part this film also comes up with a let down.Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) wife Kim Mills (Maggie Grace) gets killed by someone while the police prime suspect is Bryan for the same.Anyone can see this coming from the trailer after this there are no twist and turns. I cannot really see story making a progress. 

The only thing happens is Bryan meets his daughter frequently who is the only one who believes in Bryan and the second thing is he runs from the police.Fighting sequence while tending towards the climax is really stretched and boring. Too much of gun shots in such a short film, it should not be this way.Suspense revealed in the  last moments is also not engaging enough.

Verdict:- Below Average

Ratings:- 1.5 / 5 Stars

Taken 3 Movie Official Trailer

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