Thursday, 26 February 2015

Prison Break Season 1 Review

Prison Break is a crime suspense thriller drama. It is one of the most fascinating and well known TV Series of it’s time. The suspense gest multi unfolds as the story proceed. The events may involve killing, political drama, characters own story and motives. The theme of the series breaking out from a Prison. As it is clear from the title itself “Prison Break”. A genius characters named Michael Scofield nicely played by Wentworth Miller wants to escape his brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) who is inside the prison for the crime he didn’t commit. Scofield forms a team to work on the escape plan. In the outside world Burrows has a family who gets involved without even knowing. The best thing about “Prison Break” is pace is steady, supported by a nice and charming background music. You may see the plot proceeding forward in each and every episode. The actual murderers behind the Vice _president’s death are yet to found. Even after a long chase Burrows is unable to get the bail because every time the evidence is destroyed or manipulated.

For the most part “Prison Break” revolves around the characters inside the Prison. We may get a brief overview of everyone’s story. How they got entangled into the crime? Many of them are innocent but some of got setup by circumstances or someone. Recently there was a news that “Prison Break” series is getting renewed for new Season. I haven’t reviewed it yet so I thought of doing so .Everybody is sacred of getting into the jail. Probably people assume that the life there is really worse and shitty. But in this series we see a lot more than worst and shit. We see big things going on like warden taking care of his prisoners to make them better person and also daily events of what’s going on in the Prison. The soul track is here is the master plan by Michael Scofield from getting intentionally into the same Prison where burrows is and carefully examining and evaluating the steps he is taking towards breaking out and making sure that he gets everything done smoothly.

Scofield’s daily Prison activities includes intentional planned visits to Prison Doctor Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies) who is a really nice person. Eventually as the time passes Sarah and Michael develops feelings for each other but Sarah gets cautious when she founds out Scofield is married. Veronica Donovan (Robin Tunney) is Lincoln’s ex-girlfriend who is lawyer and tries to help Lincoln is this case. Whenever she is close to get the evidence or witness. They either gets killed or the evidenced is tempered. At one point of time she is even told that the Terrence Stedman (the person who got murdered by Lincoln) is still alive. What happens next? Is she able to find out?    

When Scofield is the final stage of breaking out he founds that Lincoln has got into a lot of trouble by hitting an officer in charge. After reach at a place from where he was planning to escape he finds that it’s possible to do because it been reconstructed. Can Scofield still escape from the Prison? Will he able to take his brother with him? Can Lincoln be saved from the crime he didn’t commit? Can Veronica help Lincoln and Michael? Did some police officer finds about the Escape Plan? Is Doctor Sara still in love with Scofield?

Verdict:- Nice One

Ratings:-  7.7/ 10

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