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Love Rosie Movie Review

Love Rosie (R)

Length:-102 min.

"Love Rosie" is an British romantic drama about a boy and a girl who are childhood friends.The girl is played by charming, adorable and sweet looking Lilly Collins while the guy is coolly played by (The Hunger Games) framed Sam Clafin. The movie starts off well but it turns up into an engaging watch after a while. They are just too many twists and turns in the movie, which is weird. It also makes you exhaust in just 102 minutes because from the starting itself we know that the boy and girl are getting married yet it takes forever for them to finally meet.The girl child started having some kind of an affair then what it started happening and we get some hope that the couple can finally get together. Honestly in this story there is a lot of dragging because of the boy's character he is  kind of confused and probably uses or meets the girl whenever he needs her. The girl is kind of innocence who gets an offer from american university but ends up being a mother and just cleaner in a hotel.Even though each of his friend's are making something remarkable.

The only thing which can make you bear this drama is Lily Collins she is just absolutely stunning. She acts in some sort of a natural way which somehow makes this story believable and tolerable. am Clafin character has some goodness but he is just messed up in the world of fantasy."Love Rosie" is based on the famous novel named "Where Rainbow Ends" .Rosie (Lily Collins) gets pregnant when she wants just wants to sex unnecessarily after her 18th birthday.So she is expecting a baby and she cannot go to Boston for further studies while Alex moves to Boston with scholarship.Both of them enjoys some affairs, sleeping with different people. But all the youthful charm goes waste if there isn't a strong script.Years passes and passes Alex and Rosie breaks up and then talks again.All of this seems like a circumlocution of the events which are quite generic.

What needs in such kind of youthful film is showing all the young and charismatic events with an implied smartness of the story-line. All of which present in the movie is not something unusual or unpredictable. Inspite of all the running between Alex and Rosie towards or away from each other. We don't have what's needed which is uniqueness and something more demanding.I wish the movie could have been more crisp and compelling.The chemistry between Lily and Sam makes a nice ambiance for a while but these are glimpse of an unconvincing films.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 /5 Stars

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