Friday, 2 January 2015

Into The Woods Movie Review

Into The Woods

Length:- 2 hrs. 5 min.

It's a fairy tale movie with a Disney tag but here is the thing this film works for while.Later when it approaches towards the end it kind of gets a bit boring. In the last 20 minutes I really started thinking was this part really necessary. Like other fairy tales you listen to a most common dialogue "They lived happily after" but here after listening to that. we have a whole sort of a dragging story related to the killing of giant female. Also, an unnecessary kiss between Emily Blunt and Chris Pine. That's where the film loses the track. Emily Blunt is beautiful, she looks terrific and has played her part quite well.She brings the required charm, talks and acts sensible, and makes her character a bit realistic.Chris Pine is a let down as a prince, honestly he looks are a little deceptive. He doesn't even look like a Prince.James Carden as baker is a kind of nice,calm, gentle and decent guy. This guy has done a nice job here.

The Wolf which was supposed to be scary is not that scary.It's rather kind of vulnerable and easy being killed.Johnny Depp played the wolf but he doesn't get much chance to show his talent. he gets killed very easy by a baker.I am not sure if someone can kill a wolf that easily.The film is also a little more aligned for the children and adults may have a little hard time here. The singing of dialogues for the most part is little uninteresting.I personally am is not a big fan of movies which has all the dialogues being conveyed as singing.Here, I found it a bit annoying and irritating after a while.

Overall, the film is good as far as story is concerned. The cinematography is nice and the sets are small and good.One more thing which I have noticed is this film has too many characters which may also makes a little fuzzy. Although it's based on a book by the same yet I was expecting something little more intellectual from this film.In my opinion it's a good movie to watch with family and children but for sure it could have been better tending towards the end.

Verdict:- Good

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars

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