Saturday, 10 January 2015

Birdman Movie Review

Length:- 1 hr 59 min.
Birdman is an unusual movie, it doesn't have much of exotic locations and high-tech usage. Yet it has something really good. It has really nice cinematography and extraordinary camera work. Can you imagine a movie shot in just a room would be entertaining? We don't have a young looking actor in the movie rather we have an old actor and the actress is his daughter only. I never got bored while watching this movie. Although it's not a family movie as it does have some abusive language. But that's the fun part and it doesn't bother you rather entertains you. The story is about Riggan Thomson / Birdman (Michael Keaton), he was a famous actor sometime back with his movie franchise Birdman. Now, he is struggling as a stage actor with his play named "What we talk when we talk about love". Michael fantasizes himself as Birdman. This complex character is nicely played by Michael Keaton.

The special effects are nice which makes this one room shot movie an engrossing watch. The camerawork is certainly not normal and usual rather its an work of outstanding skills. It shows things in an unimaginable way. The background music which is pretty much like a street music is not bad. Sam (Emma Stone) looks hot and kind of different. Her role is not that significant yet she leaves an impressive. The film is quiet realistic and looks like a great documentary. It's like a live show watching with elements of entertainment, funny moments and special effects. We have the normal people with abnormal and struggling life. The day to day events are turned into entertaining and absolutely marvelous.

The entire movie is made to feel like it's been shot in just one take. It highly unpredictable and non-generic. The message movie wants to convey is ask a question to your that do you really matter in someway in this world. How a stage artist is upset about the critics bad reviews of his show. Inspite of his great efforts it turns out to be life ending experience if the critics says no to it. Zach Galifianakis who looks far more slimmer and better has added charm to this movie by his acting. Overall, "Birdman" is absolutely enjoyable experience and should not be missed.

Verdict:- Too Good
Ratings:- 4 / 5 Stars

Birdman Movie Official Trailer



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