Sunday, 18 January 2015

Alone Movie Review

Alone (A)

Length:- 2 hr. 14 min.

I must say that Indian horror are usually not up to the mark. We see something similar here, the storyline is pretty generic. I personally think we had a really good opportunity with this film. But it didn't turn out to be working here. The film never creates enough curiosity to make you starving for more. We even have a mystery story in the movie but that is highly boring affair. Somebody can easily make out that the twin girls are not connected at all.Karan looks dull in front Bipasha.

 Dialogues delivered by main cast are too simplistic. Only physiatrist delivers some sensible dialogues. You hardly feel any emotional attachment with the characters. The horror scenes are not that horrifying. The music is also average. Bipasha Basu does shows some spark in few moments yet she is also a let down here.
Imitate scene between Bipasha and Karan looks unrealistic. In the end it's trying to justified that even though two persons may look similar yet they may be good or bad in nature that's why our hero loves the good girl from the twin but initially it looks like he choose the smart one.
"Alone" could have been better in many ways whether it's plot, dialogues, music and even horror scene. In total, what we get here is just the simplistic movie without much of charm in it. Film is predictable and smooch are not matching the plot. It's actually tiring and exhausting to watch "Alone".Bipasha Basu does look a little old in some sequences. I personally feel that the film wants to show to much of stuff which lead it to become less interesting anf a little annoying. There isn't much which is wrong in terms of film making but rather making it entertaining.

Verdict:- Boring

Ratings:- 2/ 5 Stars

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