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PK Movie Review

PK (U/A)

Length:- 2 hrs. 33 min.

Aamir Khan is back on big screen with his much awaited movie "PK". Aamir has usually made some serious movies in the recent years except for few. Again, he is back in his unusual and comic movie. "PK" somewhat looks similar to "Three Idiots" made by the same director Rajkumar Hirani for e.g. Aamir is again playing a mysterious guy. This time he is actually from different planet itself.Aamir's performance has depth in "PK". I should say a lot of work has been done by the entire team whether it's costume, make-up and overall look of every character.Firstly, we see PK (Aamir Khan) a guy wearing strange costumes just to look a little funny.Secondly, Anuskha Sharma has got some different makeup probably to justify her looks as a modern and charming youthful girl.Sanjay Dutt and Sushant Singh Rajput are good in short sequences. But the plot her is more focused on the character PK and Jagat Janini aka Jaggu (Anuskha Sharma).

Something lovely about this character PK is his innocence and something unique is his questions. PK is an alien landed to planet earth for research. He doesn't known anything about this planet which has given birth to lot many questions in his mind. He keeps on asking questions to everyone and based on the answers he gets. He makes his decision for what needs to do next from his side. This movie is also a social satire which target religions and question's the customs and traditions followed by the various different religions.It also raises questions on the various precautions and measures suggested by baba's etc.So, obviously the first social message from the film is stop investing in God and invest money on poor.Even, God will be happy with that. Secondly,Stop following the mad customs and traditions which has no basis.Some of them are actually kind of punishment rather than being favorable to someone's goodness.

Like in "Three Idiots" we had a principal who is called virus.This time we have a girl's father who is mad about what his religion and blinding following a baba named Tapaswi (Sourabh Shukla).Tapaswi is a negative character who claims that he can talk to god directly. He at one point of time is being challenged by PK just by his questions. It gets difficult for Tapaswi to answer all the questions asked by PK. The best scene of movie is when PK and Tapaswi are together in one show asking questions to each other. This was particularly an emotional scene which even reveals a mystery, the director has added thi scene to bring some charm in this movie.Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani both has come up with a film which brings comedy which actually might make some sense.

The fact cannot be denied that the film does have some problems. It may not be that enjoyable everytime but certainly the message conveyed through the film and questions raised on our society is something appreciable here. Although, I found somewhat similar stuff about the business built on the name of God was seen is the film "Oh My God".Yet I would say this film is entirely different even though they touch the same topic at some point of time.


Verdict:- Good

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars 

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