Monday, 29 December 2014

Foxcatcher Movie Review


Length:- 2 hrs. 14 min.

Foxcatcher is a biographical drama which revolves around life a world champion wrestler. It' s catches real life moments of a a poor, struggling yet talent boy. Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) is a boy from average family who has been raised by his brother. John Eleuthère du Pont,(Steve Carell) is a rich tycoon who sees talent in Mark and spends on him more than required. Everything goes well by the support of John; Mark becomes a world champion with ease.Steve Carell looks is way too unique that he looks almost unrecognizable. His performance is so different that you feel that he has so much in his character. This comedy genre actor makes this serious role kind of touchable. 

There is something unique about this it doesn't have numerous characters. The story kind of revolves around almost three characters i.e. John, Mark and Dave. Dave Schultz (Mark Ruffalo) is the elder brother of Mark. He is a former champion too but there is something wrong between Mark and Dave. What exactly is wrong there; this film may not be able to throw much light on the same.Surely, Mark Ruffalo does something extraordinary here. he brings a charm to his character by natural acting like you are watching him live. Initially hi role wasn't too long. As the differences comes between John and Mark he comes into the picture to make things work somehow.

This film might not show us some exotic locations yet it does have the excellent picturization and marvelous performances to bring an awesome movie as a product to us. Channing Tatum has of course played the central character. From a grown-ass boy to a winning loser, he makes this character lively and authentic. He makes us feel what's going on. These kind of movies solely rely on the performances and this actor trilogy makes something miraculous possible.Bennett Miller has made effort from Steve Carell looks and make-up to cinematography. He has made efforts in every aspect  to make this film better.

Verdict:-  Awesome

Ratings:- 3. 5 / 5 Stars

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  1. looks like a good movie.. thanks for review

  2. It is the story about two of our greatest heroes, Mark and Dave Schultz. It is also about one of the most tragic stories in wrestling history, something that changed our sport forever.