Saturday, 20 December 2014

Dolly Ki Doli Movie Trailer Review

Arbaaz Khan has started his filmmaking career from "Dabangg" before that he was an actor for most of his films. Although "Dabangg" was tremendously successful on the box-office yet it wasn't appreciated by the film critics. The main reason for the success of "Dabangg" was Salman Khan as told by Arbaaz himself in an award show.Arbaaz is coming up with his new film with Sonam Kapoor as a lead actor. "Dolly Ki Doli" trailer is being released few days back. honestly I didn't get a good feel about the film. Ofcourse, we have Sonam a young and talented actress yet it seems we have nothing really unique or new in the film.We might have seen many movies like this which has similar concept of someone stealing money by confessing a family or opposite sex.So, the plot of "Dolly Ki Doli" might not be that interesting.

We have Dolly (Sonam Kapoor) a rouge who traps male guys with her feminism.He gets married the guys after that every time she steals all the money from them. We saw so many movies like this Bollywood. So, this might not make us curious. Film is expected to be generic and conventional. Like in "Dabangg" movie this also an item number would be played by his wife Malaika Arora Khan. It looks from the trailer that there won't be any exposing from Sonam Kapoor. Also, the film would be focused on two cases or on two guys fooled by Dolly.It's being heard that Saif Ali Khan would also be seen in a special appearance. Performance oriented actor Rajkummar Rao would also be seen in a lead role. Yet there isn't anything which we can expect from him because the script  looks female dominating. Dolly would the central character and probably her character would have significant importance.

"Dolly Ki Doli" is expected to be released on 23rd Jan 2015.Pulkit Samrat would be playing a cop and it looks like he will be investigation the case of Dolly. Both the victims are expected to work together and find Dolly. Robin Singh (Pulkit Samrat) claims to crack this case in two months.What looks appreciable in the trailer is the costumes. There is good amount of work done on the costumes of Sonam Kapoor. She will be seen in different avatars in the film. I personally think that this film will not even that comical because of the monotonous genre. We saw somewhat similar stuff in the movie "Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl". In my opinion that film wasn't that good as well.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars

Dolly Ki Doli Movie Official Trailer


  1. I don't have any high hopes for this movie. It is gonna be another average flick. Bollywood is totally unpredictable though. Lets wait and watch.

    'Kunik Goel

    1. Yes Kunik that's exactly what I am thinking as well

  2. Sadly, in this 'pure woman' obsessed industry, even a conwoman is presented in the 'touch me not' garb. By the writer's and director's logic, Dolly can break hearts, break trust of the men who fell in love with her and chose to marry her, but please ignore all that because she is a good woman. It's just that she has had a failed relationship in the past and please adore her because she doesn't allow anyone to touch or kiss her! If a heartbreak in the past (every woman goes through that in one form or the other) justifies the protagonist turning a criminal, okay then.
    This premise could have worked wonders, if the director confidently showed the protagonist as the stone hearted, badass woman who cheated men for the pure thrill of it. That Dolly would have been far more convincing than this strange mish mash of a conwoman and Sati Savitri.