Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Before I go to Sleep Movie Review

Before I go to Sleep (R)

Length:- 1 hr. 32 min.

There is female central character named Christine Lucas(Nicole Kidman) who forgets everything once she goes to sleep. Her each and every day starts like this she tries to recall what has happened till now? She gets some clues about the same by the help of Dr. Nasch (Mark Strong) and a video tape left recorded by herself.He came to known that she is 40 year and married.Her recorded video tapes helps her to proceed in understanding her self even though she forgets everything. Plot and premise is interesting but we don't see much progress is being made in the movie for a long time. Only good thing thing about the film is it keeps to on the edges to be curious about what's gonna happen next? Still is there is something missing, the film couldn't bring the charm it should have brought to its audiences. 

Honestly, I was expecting something much better from this film. Based on the bestselling novel "Before I go to Sleep" is unable to bring us what it should have brought. The best thing about the movie is Nicole Kidman. She brings a charm to her character with the required ambiguity and intelligence. After a while when Christina suspects that the man who claims to be her husband might not be the one. The suspense was almost over, I don't the film has much after that. I haven't read the novel so I am not sure closely the film follows the same. Yet there isn't anything much which is offered here.In my opinion the film was pretty boring for last half an hour.

I don't see much happening as far as the climax is concerned. Usually, in a suspense thriller films we see the something coming up till end. As far as revealing of suspense is associated. Starting of the movie was fine but literally it gets boring as soon as the plot gets settled. The characters also becomes convoluted in-front of the script. The climax is dragging and unentertaining. You can easily predict what's gonna happen next in the later half.

Verdict:- Average

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars

Before I go to Sleep Movie Official Trailer

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