Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season 6:Episode 6 Review

In the Vampire Diaries so far we have Damon stuck on the other side who is back now. Stefan's new girlfriend has turned into a vampire. Damon meets Stefan very first. This series based on the book by L J Smith.I must say that this series is getting better with each and every episode.After every episode I am even more curious to what's gonna happen next. I am both surprised, satisfied and excited at the same time.Here is the moment Damon tries to meets her girlfriend Elena.After being compelled Elena doesn't really wanna Damon because the feelings she has got for Damon are gone by now.

Everybody is worried that why isn't Bonnie is back while Damon is? Finally Elena agrees to meet Damon as she think that she cannot run away from Dam but Damon is attacked by someone before that.There is a bunch of Vampire Hunters in Mystic Falls. There isn't much known about them yet.This episode ends in totally unexpected way. Alaric is not Vampire anyway. Damon meets Elena finally. Caroline is little upset with Stefan. In my opinion this episode was one of episode which will make you starve for the further happening.It also looks Vampires are having hard time in understanding each other's feelings.

I kind of felt emotionally attached to the characters of "The Vampire Dairies" by now. everybody seems to be scattered by the emotional circumstances. The Vampire Hunters are new treat for Mystic Fall Vampires as of now. I don't see much being shown what happen's to Stefan's new girlfriend. After the comeback of Damon the character od Stefan seems to be little underestimated. After losing the Vampire powers Alaric won't be able Cajole Elena. So, How will Elena get back her love towards Damon? Will Caroline and Stefan will develop some kind of a relationship between each other? Is there any solution for Vampire Hunters in town?

Ratings:-  7.4 / 10 

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