Sunday, 2 November 2014

Super Nani Movie Review

Super Nani (U)

Length:- 2 hrs. 13 min.

"Super Nani" is conventional kind of story about an Indian Nani. This film like others tells us that there is no respect of a traditional mother cum grandmother in a modern family.Rekha is extraordinary actress, she looks beauty even today. She played a character who tolerates each and every insult from her family members. She never responds back which is hard to believe. She is so loving and caring grandmother that even a negative character turns the other way around because of her. Something has to change in her life i.e. she should get the respect what she deserves. Yet the drama is entirely conventional and we may not feel anything interesting here. I am not sure how good was the Gujarati TV serial on which this film is based.

Indra Kumar who has made films like "Grand Masti" recently in my opinion he should have much more clear picture of what he wants to convey. The cinematography looks good yet the entirely convoluted plot is shagging and dragging. The Nani life is changed by her grandson American returned boy by Sharman Joshi. Both are actors Sharman and Rekha gives a fine performance in"Super Nani". What we needed was a proper structuring , introduction of numerous events and activities, and a final conclusion statement.

I really not sure that why Bollywood filmmaker never introduce a really plot in the film. They never comes up with a different or unique stories. We might even have good enough novels on which the films can be made. There is always a problem of budget or intellectual cinema. Both of them are hardly present in any films. Most part of the Bollywood films are wasted in unnecessary songs, unintentionally funny screenplay and marvelously sucking execution or a plotless film.

One more thing I feel that "Super Nani" is a kind of film takes you to probably backwards somewhere in 80's where you see such kind of stories. This is a part of many Bollywood films that instead of making it modern and yet traditional. Most of the films are traditional and conventional.

Verdict:- Boring

Ratings:-1.5 / 5 Stars

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