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Happy Ending Movie Review

Happy Ending

Length:- 2 hrs. 15 min.

Saif Ali Khan is one of uncommon actors in Bollywood. Inspite of being a bit aged he is still seen in a youth centric films while his performance in the same was pretty good as well.We have another film from his acting career "Happy Ending".This time we have a rom-com set in exotic locations in the US west-coast.We have good looking american girls, intellectual screenplay, smart camera work and few Bollywood beauties. "Happy Ending" had a great start with some youthful, energetic and exciting ingredients yet all of these seems to be convoluted after a while. We might get bored with all of the intellectually exciting moments. Yudi (Saif Ali Khan) was a successful writer with a book he wrote five and half years ago but now he is an struggling actor in search of a new inspiration. He got a rival writer, a female rom-com writer Aanchal (Illena D'Cruz) by whom he gets inspired.

The dialogues are written in a comic yet witty and intellectual way.All of this could have been much more entertaining if you could have got something unique in the plot. We have all the story in the form in chapters like its being written in a book. What's missing in the film is creativity which could have given us something really good and satisfying. The no. of characters are also a bit on the higher side. Every character has some kind of problem in their life e.g. Montu (Ranvir Shorey) couldn't come up as an aggressive husband. Secondly, his ex. Vishaka (Kalki Koechlin) is pseudo intellectual who couldn't accept that they break-up.

We also have Kareena Kapoor in a cameo appearance and  Preity Zinta playing another ex. of Yudi. I just have one thing to say that too many hot girls may not make a sexy film. We can even understand the formula of making a rom-com film yet we didn't a god film."Go Goa Gone" director who create a nice ambiance last repeats the same mistake this time as well.We just get an intellectual ambiance but not a great film. Saif and Illena are not bad actors but there seems to be issue in good understanding of the demand of roles. They does a good job as an individual but not as a pair.

Overall, the film isn't boring yet not convincing.Over personification of a writer hurts a bit. Govinda brings a little charm to the film but his comically entertaining body language and dialogue delivery.Yet, Govinda's role looks a bit underestimated and underwritten for the most part.

Verdict:- Average 

Ratings:- 2 / 5 Stars

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