Saturday, 1 November 2014

Fury Movie Review


Length:- 2 hrs. 1 min.

"Deals are peaceful,history is violent" is one of the best quotes from the movie "Fury"."Fury" is a war action drama which is stick to what it wants to say. Set in 1945 this film is based on an Indo-German war. It's inspired from the true events of the history. Film starts with an impressive setup of the war like the tanks,gunfire, violence and the brutal action.All of this is so closely shot that you actually feel that you are watching it live. The liveliness of the gun and tank fire is shown in the form of radiations. Brad Pitt is the best part of the film. His performance is truly fascinating. he carries himself really well , delivers dialogues in a nice accent.He trains an immature boy how to kill a man. He asks him"Why you're here, you kill him or he kill you". This scene gives the close perspective of how a normal man feels when he gets involved in a war.


"Fury" also shows the sacrifice that army guys make by putting their life in danger.This sacrifice is often forgotten because people just see the problems in their day to day.As its a male dominating film in such cases females are usually neglected. Here, we got a scene with two females in which a boy impresses a girl and kisses her.this scene also kind of tells that what kind of moments military guys miss in their life.One problem which I see here was there isnot much twist and turns in the plot.

The final war scene between 5 american soldiers and 300 German soldiers is really motivating. Although American had a tank to fight with and Germans. For a good period of time American soldiers have to fight by coming out of the tank.But still fighting with so many soldiers is really tough. After a long really long fight something terrible happens.You may feel that we don't have something extraordinary here yet the movie is watchable and entertaining.


Ratings:-  3 / 5 Stars

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  1. The movie is powerful, a message about right and wrong and people who don't care.