Sunday, 2 November 2014

Fast & Furious 7 Movie Trailer Review

"Fast and Furious" is one of the most fascinating movie franchise based on street riders. This franchise has come a long way to the part 7. Vin Diesel has the lead character role in the all sven parts and he played all of them with kind of natural acting touch.Thrilling action sequences, hot girls, tough guys doing crazy stuff was always a key ingredient of this series. We saw Vin Diesel jumps from a from a car to save one of his teammate girl in "Fast & Furious 6". This time we have recently passed away actor Paul Walker making even a better jump but time faster saving a girl. The trailer for the most part gives an overview of a particular action sequence. The film franchise has got Dwayne Johnson in the part 6. This time we have one of the most loved action film actor, none other than Jason Statham . Let see where whether he will take this franchise to the next level?

The girl got hotter in part 7 . Just take a look at the trailer this time we have much hotter girl frequently wearing bikini's. In the last part this factor was little bit on the lower side. The best dialogues of the film is by Vin Diesel, when he is told "like it or not you and your friend's are part of it now". He says "I don't have friends I got family". This was a lovely dialogue, it actually tells us that the friendship has gone ahead that main characters feel themselves like a family.  All we will have in the part 7 is the fighting got better, action sequences got faster and better, the girls got much hotter and sexy.The half of the trailer just shows probably one of the most breathtaking action sequence of the film.

I should say that Paul Walker death has given some importance to the film. Also, Introducing Jason Statham has added another charm to it. It cannot be denied that these kind of films are lesser plot oriented and yet they are pretty famous among the viewers. Because for the most part viewers enjoy watching the film which would actually be more enjoyable and entertaining. Whether it makes much sense or not?  So, we see here that we have a lot for such kind of viewers. But for the people who enjoy making more sense kind of cinema, I am not sure  how much this film is gonna offer it to them? Yet "Fast & Furious 7" is looks exciting enough to make something remarkable in the Hollywood box-office collections.

Verdict:- Fascinating

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars

Fast & Furious 7 Movie Theatrical Trailer


  1. Now the time has come to watch Furious 7 is Just coming out in this year 2015.This movie comes the last time appearance by paul walker. i give 5 out of 5 for this movie.

  2. I actually wish they'd bring back the villain from 2Fast 2Furious! They did say at the end, "He'll be out."

  3. Vin Diesel did not appear in part 2 - Too Fast, Too Furious.

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