Thursday, 13 November 2014

Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 7

"Criminal Minds" is a really old crime thriller drama TV Series.The killers are being examined by the a group of FBI agents. These guys actually research about the killer by creating some kind of a profile match and then finding the guy who matches that profile.It's incredible that this TV Series has come up to the Season 10 and Episode 7. This episode is named "hashtag". It focused on social media including and specially Twitter. So, in this episode we have a girl who is really famous on Twitter. She takes a lot of selfies, the trend is the social media is full of selfies. The girl gets killed and the killer is called selfie killer. 

But the killing like to be called as Mirror Man. So , he kills more in order to be even more on Twitter. This episode is such an example of the madness behind the social media  in youth including teenagers. Teenagers are kind of mad towards their social status. It's not uncommon that people actually gets into trouble through social media whether it's cyber bullying, committing suicide and many more.Teenagers are a little immature and gets more involved in such kind of social media crap.

The motto of the killer also seems to be the get famous through hashtag of the Mirror Man.The episode was kind of interesting because its shows the phenomenon followed by the young teenagers towards social media madness.Taking down this killer was the best part as we are shown two other guys as a prime suspect.The actual killers seems to be someone different. You can find while watching episode 8 of " Criminal Minds". 

Ratings:- 7.1 / 10

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