Saturday, 8 November 2014

Big Hero 6 Movie Review

Disney Studio is known for their animation work. They have created the most adorable cartoon character "Mickey Mouse". They also bought a really good animation film last year "Frozen". This time also the same director Don Hall.This time we have a new creation a lovely health care companion by the name Baymax. Like the last time we saw an beautiful animation story based on Mickey Mouse before the film. This time we have a dog story by the name "Feast. "Feast" is short story about the a dog who makes the relationship of his owner and girlfriend work out.In "Big Hero 6" based on the Marvel comic character by the same name we have some nice animation work. Kids gonna love this character Baymax ,hecan scan any body and health issues and help them resolving it immediately.

In my opinion this is a really great movie set in US & Japan. We have a 14 year old high school graduate teenager scientist kind of guy.Hero Hamada (Ryan Potter)  who comes as a kids new inspiration in the film. This sci-fi animated film gives a kind of motivation for how to be generous and fight with our own inner demon. It also suggests that you need to take a look from a different angel or perspective when things doesn't work out. There was also a message of how to overcome the losses of our loved ones without whom we couldn't even imagine our life.

Hero Hamada has lost his brother Tadashi but he has left him a robot who will take of all of his injuries. Hero upgrades it with some fighting skills in order to catch his brother's killer with few of his friends. His friends tries to conceive him that killing a human is not in their protocol in spite of how bad he is? I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic movie by Walt Disney including and exclusively Baymax. I would suggest and recommend this movie for family and kids to watch in the theaters.

Verdict:- Pretty Good

Ratings:- 3 / 5 Stars

Big Hero 6 Movie Official Trailer

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