Thursday, 6 November 2014

Addicted Movie Review

"Addicted"is an erotic adventurous thriller drama. It's an adaptation from the bestselling novel by the same name.Sex, sex and even more sex is what I see in in the film.All of the characters are having some kind of erotic sex at a different places and time. For almost 15 minutes of the initial part of movie.Zoe (Sharon Leal) is a housewife living with his husband and two children.She consults with a psychiatrist who assures that her story will be best kept secret. She shares deadly secrets with the psychiatrist.

I don't see this movie making much of a progress for the most part.The situations and circumstances are quite generic.Also what I feel is this movie is a little backage in terms in story telling. Zoe has an affair with an artist Quentin Canosa (William Levy) who forced her to have sex with her. After a while she sleeps with more often than her husband Jason (Boris Kodjoe).Endless erotic scenes, preposterous execution makes this film unbearable after a while.It was hard to believe that how easy can a married woman sleep with external guy.

The plot is pretty simple so curiosity was never created. We see obvious things here with an erotic manner. How long can someone watch a film without much of a story sense.I honestly think that the film should have got more in terms of budget, story, screenplay and cinematography. I am sure they you might have seen many film's like this and may have find it pretty boring. Bille Woodruff is unable to do a good job here.

Verdict:- Boring

Ratings:- 1.5 / 5 Stars

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